Results of GRP Method Use

High reliability and economic efficiency of the GPR method were confirmed in brown fields in Western Siberia and the Volga region. The average forecast accuracy exceeded 90% compared with about 30% of seismic surveys in the same areas. In 2008-2011 Gazpromneft-Khantos, LLC drilled 213 wells at the Yuzhnoye Priobskoye and Zimneye oil fields based on the results of using the GPR method. All  wells turned out to be productive. Production at the Yuzhnoye Priobskoye field increased from 6.7 million tons in 2007 to 11.3 million tons in 2011. Based on the GPR forcasts drilling of more than 30 wells were canceled. The total economic value (NPV) amounted to more than $180mln.

When it comes to offshore exploration GPR Technology is superior to presently used seismic methods in accuracy, time and cost efficiency due to great penetrating power of high frequency pulse signal. An example of Baltic Sea offshore geological survey profile done in 2017, detailing oil traps (black colored) and productive formations (grey colored), is given below.superior

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