GRP Advantages

Maximum Probing Depth

6 km

Vertical Accuracy

from 2 m

Offshore operations

are carried out from aircraft and ships

Environmentally friendly, all-season

services are provided all year round

Productivity of work

from 5 km² per day



Ore bodies

Kimberlite pipes

About us

Advanced Georadar Technologies, LLC was set up by scientists with extensive experience in geological exploration of mineral resources and hydrocarbons in Western Siberia. The industrial implementation of the GRP method in the course of 4 years on South Priobskoe field increased oil production from 7 to 11 million tons per year with NPV exceeding $180 million. Currently our company, along with affiliates, employs more than 70 professional researchers in radio engineering and geophysics. The company develops software, manufactures equipment and conducts exploration surveys using drones with subsequent processing/interpreting radar data using its own software to develop 3D models and forecast maps.


GPR Method

Basics of Ground Radar Probing

Modern geo radars are using shock excitation for ground probing. Reflected signals carry information that only allow to define the boundaries of occurrence of different rocks, similar to seismic exploration.

Works Procedure

Search and exploration of mineral deposits is carried out in three stages:

1st stage — probing

2nd stage — GPR data is processed

3rd stage — interpretation of 3D models results

Results of GRP Method Use

High reliability and economic efficiency of the GRP method were confirmed in brown fields in Western Siberia and the Volga region.


Geological Study of Subsoil

Determination of the depth, thickness and assessment of the structure (morphology) of the subsoil, localization of faults and heterogeneities, the establishment of the physical and chemical composition of the layers.

Search and Exploration of Minerals

Prospecting, exploration and operational work for minerals of all types, drawing up forecast maps and 3D models of productive formations.

Engineering Geology

Study of geological conditions for the construction of energy lines, transport routes, engineering structures, geological environment. Assessment of the state of dums, hydraulic structures, delineation of technogenic deposits.


We are looking for long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with
subsoil users, exploration and geophysical enterprises abroad. Forms of cooperation:

Direct contracts

Standard terms of contracts for the provision of geological exploration services: 50% advance payment, separately paid travel expenses and expenses for work from the ground (use of off-road vehicles) and air (use of an aircraft).

Agency agreements

We are ready to sign consulting agreements for the search for potential partners to enter foreign markets with professional marketing and business development firms.

Joint ventures

We are open to setting up joint ventures with foreign geological exploration enterprises and subsoil users to facilitate their efficiency in prospecting, exploration and production of mineral deposits.


Ground Probing Radar Services 

for hydrocarbons, ore minerals, kimberlite pipes, etc.


Types of work and services 

Unit of measurement 

Price, USD

(depending on the volume of works)


Profiling — drawing up a cut of the subsoil 

linear km 

2 000-3 000


Preparation of forecast maps


15 000-20 000


Preparation of 3D models of subsoil (including forecast maps) 


30 000-35 000


Engineering geology services

linear km



5 000

15 000

35 000

Cooperation Models

1. Services Contracts

Payment Terms and Working Conditions

50% advance payment, not including travel expenses, equipment and personnel protection (by government or private companies), comfortable housing, provision of off roader vehicles for work from the ground and provision of an aircraft or drone for air works, including obtaining permits for flights, providing a broadband data transmission channel, etc.

2. Joint ventures

Joint ventures can be set up with foreign partners (geological exploration enterprises and mining companies) to fulfill their license obligations for prospecting, exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons and minerals.


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